How to use TuneMoji on Twitch

- If you’re a streamer

You can select TuneMojis to be made available to their watchers.
TuneMojis can be free, require a paid subscription, or carry a pay-as-you-go price in “Bits” (Twitch’s currency)

1. Install TuneMoji extension on Twitch (link)

2. Activate extension

3. Add new Browser Source

- Open TuneMoji Settings

- Create new browser source in OBS

- Paste browser source URL into OBS

4. Browse & Select TuneMojis!

- If you’re a watcher

Watching a certain streamer can activate the TuneMoji extension and chose the right TuneMoji to play for the moment (LOL, Fail, Well done, etc).

The selected TuneMoji gets played to everyone (streamer and spectators). Great way to interact with your favourite streamers and like-minded people.

1. Select TuneMoji to share

2. Your TuneMoji gets played to everyone

Feedback and support

Twitch: PM TuneMoji


Can I use TuneMoji when I stream with my console?

TuneMoji needs to be implemented via browser source in your broadcast software. If you want to stream your game console gameplay, we recommend to capture the game console signal with a capture device to your PC and stream with your PC.

Browser Source does not work

Try to refresh the cache of the browser source. If this does not help, go to your OBS Settings -> Advanced and try again with either enabling or disabling the "Browser Source Hardware Acceleration".